Debt Relief Services Attorney in Denver

Debt Relief

Making the decision regarding how to handle debt is an important one. The vast majority of clients I meet with are good, hardworking people who simply had a bad break like a job loss or pay reduction, and many times a medical illness or injury has put them in a position where they are a little behind. I encourage clients to look at all of their options and choose the one that fits them best. When I meet with clients I do not want to jump to the conclusion that bankruptcy is the only option to take care of debt. So, during the initial meeting, we will always look at the big picture and look at non-bankruptcy options like consolidation and debt settlement, as well as bankruptcy options so that you can make an informed decision on what will work best for you.

Determining how to handle debt can be difficult. Often clients have already spoken with debt collectors and have found that they are, at best, not listening, and at worst, unreasonable, rude, or abusive. If you have debt from credit cards, medical bills, lines of credit, payday loans, or other unsecured debt, bankruptcy may be an option to get rid of those debts, but it is NOT the only option. I assess each case individually and in many cases clients cannot or do not want to file bankruptcy. In these cases, and many others, debt settlement is the better option.

The majority of debt settlement companies and debt consolidation programs are private companies, some of which work “under” a licensed attorney. Sometimes that “attorney” is out of state, not licensed in Colorado, or simply doesn’t exist at all. Therefore, they simply cannot advise you on the law and the full consequences of any settlement they might be able to arrange. I do not believe that debt consolidation and debt settlement companies are bad, in fact I think they are mostly well-intentioned. However, the representatives at those companies are not attorneys and therefore cannot give you legal advice. This becomes a major problem if, as is often the case, one or more of your creditors files a lawsuit to collect the debt. Once this happens, the debt settlement company must acknowledge that you are “on your own” because they are not licensed attorneys and are not able to give you advice on how to handle a debt lawsuit under Colorado law.

Each case is different, so feel free to call me at (303) 945-5822 to discuss your case in more detail.